Comment Policy and Legal Stuff

Wow, you must really be bored if you’re reading the dreaded Legal Stuff! 😉
This section of the site lays out the ground rules for comments, emails, and how other people are allowed to use my recipes. Here we go!

My comment policy is pretty basic: be nice! Constructive criticism of the recipes is always welcome, but as with any other human interaction, respect is key! Politeness towards myself and other commenters is a must. As the site administrator, I retain the right to withhold approval from or delete any comment that I deem inappropriate for any reason. Of course, the same rule applies to any Chat with the Chef emails.

This blog is monetized, which means I make money from the ads I run. However, I do not share personal information with third parties or store any information about your visit to this blog (other than to analyze and optimize your content and reading experience through the use of cookies).

If you’d rather I didn’t use your cookies, you can turn them off at any time by changing your specific browser settings.

I’m not responsible for material from this blog that has been republished elsewhere without my permission.

I reserve the right to change this privacy policy without notice. I last updated it on September 4th, 2014. If you have any questions about it, you can contact me through the Chat with the Chef page here on the site.

Since I prepare each recipe on the site, the photos and exact wording are my own. If you want to use them, you’ll need to get permission from the site administrator (that’s me). However, that doesn’t mean you can’t remake a recipe yourself and feature it on your site. Just make sure to take your own pictures and write your own set of instructions (this is typically good policy anyway, since your readers will be interested in your unique experience preparing the dish). Even if you adapt the recipe to fit your needs, you should still cite that you found the original recipe here (this is standard food blogging policy. I do it too–as you’ll see in the paragraph below!).
TL;DR: Be respectful of intellectual property, and always tell people where you found/got inspiration for your recipes.

Unless a recipe is labeled as an Alison’s Wonderland Original Recipe, I did not invent it. Whenever I use another person’s recipe (or one I’ve adapted), I always cite the original source in my post, usually in the opening paragraph. Alison’s Wonderland Original Recipe posts are protected by copyright law, just like my other posts. They are the property of the site administrator (me again) and may not be used without my permission.
TL;DR: When a recipe isn’t my own invention, I cite my sources. When a recipe is my own invention, it’s still protected by law.

The content on this site is in no way endorsed by any particular publisher or author. All menus are unofficial and unauthorized, unless otherwise noted.
TL;DR: I’m not affiliated with the people who make the books that inspire my menus. I’m just a girl who loves bringing food from literature to life!

I receive a percentage of the profits from ads that run on my site. Sometimes I publish sponsored posts; when I do this, I include text at the beginning or end of the post, identifying it as a sponsored post. Although my sponsored posts are paid for by advertisers, no one tells me what to say in them. When I do a sponsored review of a product or service, sometimes it’s a favorable review and sometimes not (usually I try to include a mix of the good and the bad to give people a full picture).
TL;DR: I make money from my site, and my ideas and opinions are my own.

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