TTT: 10 Fictional Places I’d like to Curl Up with a Good Book

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Are we already halfway through January? Things have been so crazy around here, I feel like the new year blew right by. The holidays always go fast, but this year it was wrapped in with cookbook writing for added excitement. I just submitted the last round of edits to my cookbook editor, so I should have an progress update for you all soon. In the mean time, I’m taking a little extra time to relax and think about my goals for the upcoming year.

Read More Books is ALWAYS on my to-do list, but I decided not to create a specific reading goal this year. My busy baby (almost toddler! he’s pulled himself to standing a few times!) doesn’t leave much room for reading goals. Example: I’ve been trying to read a friend’s manuscript for several months, but as great as it is, it’s hard to make headway when the Little Mister shreds the dust jackets of my books and tries to eat a screw he pulled up from the transition strip in the kitchen doorway (both true stories).

So instead of goals, I found myself fantasizing about how lovely it would be to find a quiet corner to read in fictional places like Hobbiton, Redwall Abbey, or Mr. Tumnus’s cozy cave. Before long, I had a list of 10 fictional places I’d like to curl up with a good book! They’re all quiet, soothing places because that’s what I need in my life right now, but whose to say the list won’t change some day to include the deck of a pirate ship or a haunted manor at midnight? 😉


Top 10 Fictional Places
I’d Like to Curl Up with a Good Book


Beside the Fire at Mr. Tumnus’s House

with a warm blanket and cup of tea 

A Hobbit Hole

on a sunny day beside the window, munching on a bit of seed cake 

Redwall Abbey

in a quiet, forgotten passageway or peaceful corner of the grounds

Gray Concrete Church Under White Clouds and Blue Sky


In the Immense Branches of Yggdrasil

with frost giants and mythical wolves in the branches around me

beautiful, branches, daylight 

The Lounge of Bertram’s Hotel

in a big comfy chair with one of Bertram’s famous baked goods 

The Hogwarts Library

or the Ravenclaw common room!

ancient, antique, architectural design


The Secret Garden

near a bed of roses or leaning up against an ivy-covered trellis

garden, gateway, groningen

The March Family Kitchen

while Jo scribbles away at her next novel and Beth plays piano in the hall 


as I lay in the tall grass of one of its many rolling hills and watch the gulls fly overhead

Green Tree on Grass Field during Daytime


A Mad Tea Party

with the Hatter and the March Hare!

colorful, colourful, cupcakes

What’s YOUR dream reading location?


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3 responses to “TTT: 10 Fictional Places I’d like to Curl Up with a Good Book

  1. I LOVE THIS! 😀 Several of these settings are places I wish were real, too, like Hobbiton and the Hogwarts library. Rivendell comes to mind, too. To read a book in one of its outdoor pavilions, with the waterfall nearby… That would be lovely.

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