Monsieur Fouquet’s Peach Tea

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Truth be told, I was  little stuck when it came time to create a tea for Man in the Iron Mask. There’s not a drop of tea to be seen in the book, and the only beverage Dumas mentions is wine. The idea of making a wine-themed tea was intriguing, but I knew it would take a LOT of experimentation to get right. With a cookbook in the works and the Little Mister cutting teeth, I knew I couldn’t give a wine tea the attention it deserved.

Then I remembered Fouquet’s peaches. Dumas describes them with so much care that you almost get the feeling he’s eaten a few! I had fun making peach tea in the past (like Becky’s White Peach Tea and James’ Peaches & Cream Tea), so I was eager to try again. But to increase the challenge, I set out to create a more unique blend than the previous two.

I used Adagio’s Peach Oolong as a base. Oolongs are new to me (I’ve only had them a few times in the past), but I loved how mild yet distinctive this tea was. I combined it with some apricot green tea and extra apricot pieces to lend a little complexity to the flavor. I love how it turned out, and I hope you will too! 🙂


Fouquet’s Peach Tea

Inspired by Fouquet’s famous peaches in The Man in the Iron Mask, this blend of peach oolong, apricot green, and apricot pieces will please even the most sophisticated palate.


This tea’s Peach Oolong base has a flavor profile that rides the line between green and black tea—distinctive, smooth, and ever so slightly earthy, yet not too robust. It carries the Apricot Green tea beautifully, creating a well-rounded peach flavor that tastes natural and faintly sweet. This tastes great as a hot tea, but I highly recommend it iced as well with just a little sugar or honey.


You can order it here!

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2 responses to “Monsieur Fouquet’s Peach Tea

  1. ladyelasa

    I never get tired of peach teas! This one combined with apricots sounds delicious!

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