A Reading Kit for The Man in the Iron Mask

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Time to introduce my new Book of the Month: The Man in the Iron Mask! I’m excited for this book because I’ve been planning a menu for it for AGES. I was going to do it back in the spring, but I seriously underestimated how long it would take to finish the book with a brand new baby. Luckily, things are starting to settle down a bit now that the Little Mister is 6 months old. He’s sleeping well, we’re back to a regular schedule, and I’m in the final stretch of cookbook editing. So with the help of audiobook magic, I was FINALLY able to finish The Man in the Iron Mask and create a menu for it.

Today, we’re introducing it with a reading kit! This was a fun one to make, since there’s so much drama and intrigue in Man in the Iron Mask. Since it’s based in the baroque/rococo period, I had fun with the style of things, going for more opulent items with high aesthetic appeal. Enjoy! 🙂


What would I include in a Man in the Iron Mask reading kit? I’m so glad you asked…


Show your loyalty to the king with this fleur de lis necklace.


Mark your place with a bookmark featuring the author himself.


Of course, you’ll want a mask to hide your identity.


…and an elegant kerchief to catch your tears during the sad scenes!

You can channel your inner Louise la Valliere.


The only thing better than finding a secret note in your baguette is finding Nutella!

That’s right. They’re wafer cookies shaped like french bread loaves and filled with Nutella. You’re very welcome.



Toast a glass of Bordeaux in honor of Athos, Porthos, Aramis, and D’Artagnan!

2014 Chateau d'Armaillhac Pauillac Grand Cru Classé Bordeaux 750ml



You’ll want some reading material for all that time you’ll spend in exile
after you try to supplant the king with his identical twin. #PoliticalIntrigueProblems


What would you include in your Man in the Iron Mask reading kit?

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4 responses to “A Reading Kit for The Man in the Iron Mask

    • I remember reading a Wishbone version of it as a kid at my school library (whoooa, that takes me back!). But I didn’t know until last year that it was part of a 6-book series that starts with 3 Musketeers and ends with Man in the Iron Mask. It was pretty neat to see the conclusion of all the characters’ story lines. There were some sad parts, though! :'(

  1. ladyelasa

    I also saw part of the movie a long time ago when I was a kid, but I don’t remember most of it. XD Excited for this menu! The nutella wafers look so cute and yummy!


    • Oh my gosh those Nutella wafers! I about died when I saw them. I was looking for a good themed snack to include in the kit, and when I stumbled across these, I was like, “This is a REAL THING? I NEED THESE SO MUCH!!!”

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