5 Pies for Pi Day!

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Strawberry and Raspberry Pie Near White Ceramic Pitcher


Happy Pi Day, everybody! I wish I could say I had another St. Patrick/Pi Day mashup party in the works this year, but unfortunately it was not to be. The Little Mister has been experiencing a growth spurt, so he’s spent all his waking hours for the past several days eating. Even though it’s difficult to cook anything right now, I can’t seem to feel resentful. He’s just too darn cute! I’m seriously so proud. He’s only 5 weeks old and can already lift his head, roll from side to side, and even smile! We like to joke that someone forgot to tell him he’s a baby. 😉

Still, just because my life’s a little crazy right now doesn’t mean everyone else can’t bake up some Pi Day goodness, right? Here’s a roundup of all the pies I’ve ever made here on AWR, if you’re looking for some inspiration. Almost all of them are savory, which surprised me…but that just means I should make sure to add some sweet pies to future menus this year!

In the mean time, maybe I can convince my husband to swing by a bakery and pick me up a slice of lemon meringue on his way home from work today. Fingers crossed! 🙂


Becky’s Meat Pies from A Little Princess


Rokeg Pie from Star Trek: The Next Generation


Monster Mash Moon Pies from Dracula


Cottleston Pie from Winnie the Pooh


Deeper ‘n Ever Pie from Redwall



And to finish it all off…apple pie tea! 😀

Apple Pie Tea from Little House on the Prairie


What’s your favorite pie to eat on March 14th?

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3 responses to “5 Pies for Pi Day!

    • You too! ^.^ You don’t have to worry about it being belated, because my reply is SUUUUUPER belated! Lol! I’ve never been a model blogger when it comes to replying to comments in a timely manner, but I’m way worse at it now that the baby’s here. WordPress needs a voice option like the google search bar, so I can dictate my comments. XD

      • ladyelasa

        Haha. I’ve actually typed my comments on my phone then copied and pasted them when I’ve gotten home from work. XD

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