Happy National Hot Tea Day!

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National Hot Tea Day is tomorrow, so in honor of my favorite beverage, I’m ranking the best teas from my Alison’s Wonderland Tea gallery! Of course, choosing favorite teas can be super difficult, since the differences between varieties can make them hard to compare (how do you choose between a rich, robust black tea and a truly excellent herbal tea?). That in mind, I decided to sort them all into categories based on the type of tea (black, green, white, chai, honeybush/rooibos, mate, and herbal) and choose favorites in each category. Let’s get started!

NOTE: Varieties like oolong aren’t featured because I don’t have any blends that use it…yet! 😉


National Hot Tea Day: My Favorite Teas


Black Tea: Miss Mary’s Garden and Second Star

Straight out of the gate, I had trouble choosing and came up with a tie. However, much of my difficulty came from the fact that these two teas are VERY similar. They both have an Earl Grey base and feature lavender, but Miss Mary’s Garden is accented with strawberry and rose petals, while Second Star is mixed with cream tea. I love them both because they’re rich Earl Greys with floral notes that are strong but not overpowering.


Green Tea: Calypso’s Tea from The Odyssey

I’m not usually a big fan of green tea, but this blend is so fresh and airy with hints of fresh tropical fruit. I could sip this by the seaside for the rest of my life! 🙂


White Tea: Becky’s Peach Tea

This might be my all-time favorite non-black tea. It’s so fresh and summery! I love to make it as sun tea, and it doesn’t even need sugar (and I say that as a self-professed sugar addict). Personally, I think it’s the inclusion of white strawberry tea that makes the big difference. It adds a level of complexity that I have trouble finding in other white teas.


Herbal: Tori’s Peppermint Tea

Tori’s Peppermint Tea is the best mint tea I’ve ever had. I love the refreshing but not overpowering mint flavor, tempered with faint hints of lemon. Add some honey, and it’s divinity (plus, it’s great hot or iced).


Chai: Hallowe’en Party

This tea is a blend of spiced apple chai and cinnamon that totally tastes like autumn in a cup. I can’t get enough of it!


Rooibos/Honeybush: Abbot’s Chocolate Hazelnut Tea

This is hands-down my best selling tea, and it might be my favorite out of all the blends I’ve ever made. It combines honeybush hazelnut, chocolate, and cream to make a rich, sweet, robust tea. It’s practically a dessert all on its own. I like to think of it as Nutella tea! 🙂


Mate: Chocolate Mocha Tea for Ze Little Grey Cells

This tea is a tribute to my favorite Agatha Christie character: Hercule Poirot. Since he likes coffee and hot chocolate instead of tea, I made a mocha nut mate blend with chocolate and hazelnut. It’s got a definite coffee flavor, but the chocolate adds sweetness where you would otherwise expect to find bitterness. I don’t normally like coffee, but I LOVE this blend!



What’s your favorite tea to brew for National Hot Tea Day?

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6 responses to “Happy National Hot Tea Day!

    • Thank you! I think the prettiness is one of the best aspects of loose tea (plus, the smell of the leaves is way better than the ground up ones in the bag). If you’re not into tea, the Chocolate Mocha Tea has a distinctive coffee flavor you might like, if you’re into coffee (Elementary: A Sherlock Tea has an even stronger, smokier coffee flavor).

      Just to let you know: The links I used are Adagio Teas affiliate links like the ones in the original post, so I get a commission if an order is placed through them. There’s more info about that in the Full Disclosure note in the sidebar, if you need it.

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