So Long Summer: August in Review and a New Book of the Month!

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So far the weather has teased us with a few deliciously crisp days, but mostly it’s been muggy and rainy. Words cannot express how ready I am to be done with this ungodly heat! Plus, autumn is my favorite time of year (changing leaves! Oktoberfest! Pumpkin stuff! Halloween!), so I’m impatient for it to get started. Luckily, I’ve already started work on my September menu, which is making it easier to wait. But first let’s take a look back at what we did in August!


We did our last movie menu for 2016! We spent the month of August making tasty noms from Studio Ghibli movies. Of course, I couldn’t just choose one movie, so each dish is from a different one. We made Chihiro’s Onigiri from Spirited Away, some delicious Ponyo Ramen, spicy candied bacon for the fire demon Calcifer, and chocolate cake from Kiki’s Delivery Service. It’s tough to choose a favorite, but I WILL say that there’s nothing like spending all morning testing out bacon recipes. 😉


What’s a meal without tea? Just like when I did my Star Trek menu earlier last year, this month I couldn’t choose just one kind of tea to make. So I made three! The first was a hazelnut strawberry Totoro tea called Forest Spirit. The second was a tropical tea for Ponyo called Ocean Princess. But my all-time favorite was Black Magic: Kiki’s chocolate strawberry tea with sprinkles. After all, how can a chocolate tea NOT be my favorite?


I’m a Sur la Table Affiliate member! A little while back, Sur la Table emailed me with an offer to join their affiliate program. When I saw they wanted to work with me, my heart went pitter pat! Back when I was in college, there was a Sur la Table store just down the block from my apartment, and browsing the gorgeous cookware was one of my favorite lazy Saturday activities. Plus, I never realized how many cookie cutters I absolutely HAD TO HAVE until I met their giant rotating cookie cutter display.

NO MORE GRAD SCHOOL! 😀 😀 😀 In other news, the Mister finished grad school last week! He’s been working full time and finishing his Masters for a little under 3 years (about as long as we’ve been married), so we’re both super excited…and relieved it’s finally over! Now he’s hunting for a new hobby to take up. Think I can get him into blogging? 😉

Open Book Bible on Brown Wooden Table


And now for our next Book of the Month hint! I’m really excited for our next menu. I’ve had it on the back burner for a year, since it took me aaaaaaaaages to decide exactly what should be in it. I was even making last minute changes this week! But now it’s all ready to go, and I’m itching to get started. The photo hint is below—any guesses at what it will be? 🙂

The new menu premieres this Thursday! 😀




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5 responses to “So Long Summer: August in Review and a New Book of the Month!

  1. ladyelasa

    Great menu this month! And I’m aching for fall too! The nights are getting much cooler in the south and the humidity is slowly going down, so I’m grateful for that. Today is actually below 90. XD Which is sweet relief. I can’t wait for next month’s menu! It’s something to do with travel …

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