June in Review!

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July is here, and with it, summer is in full force! I’m loving how long the sun stays up now, but I could do without the 90° heat, humidity, and mosquitoes (Oh, Illinois, why must you treat weather like an intensity contest?). On the upside, I got to spend all of June making a menu I’ve been looking forward to for AGES! 🙂A

This month we made a menu for Star Trek! Since I haven’t done a TV/movie menu since February, I decided to use June as an opportunity to cook up food for one of my favorite shows: Star Trek! I made spicy Bajoran Hasperat, Geordi’s Pasta Fiorella, Klingon Rokeg Pie, and Deanna Troi’s Triple Chocolate Sundae. Although ice cream can be really difficult to photograph, I think I still had the most fun making the ice cream sundae. Though I really loved making the bonus recipe too—Romulan Ale! 🙂

We premeired THREE new teas this month! Since I couldn’t choose between the three service divisions in Star Trek, I decided to make a tea for each of them. Command Red is a juicy, berry-flavored tea with a punch of red color. Sciences Blue is blueberry themed, and Operations Gold is a mix of caramel and chocolate.

But now it’s time to say goodbye to Star Trek and look ahead at our new Book of the Month! Want to guess what it will be? Check out the photo hint below!

sunset, skyline, sun

The new menu premieres this Thursday! 😀

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