Borrower Dream Home: Top Places I’d Want to Live If I Was a Borrower

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While planning the reading kit for this month’s Borrower menu, I wound up stumbling across a LOT of cute miniature things, especially fairy gardens. I’d heard of fairy gardens before—miniature outdoor displays set up to look like fairies live there—but I had NO IDEA they could get so elaborate. There were ones carved out of rooted tree stumps, embedded in stone walls, and even built from scratch to look like real, miniature homes! They had me wishing I could live there, so I made a list of my favorites to share with you. Here are my Borrower dream homes!

This fairy townhouse on a library bookshelf

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What kind of tea fanatic would I be if I didn’t want to live in a teapot?

Though, of course, I’d spend my weekends traveling.

This rustic cottage has its own water wheel!

I’d do ANYTHING to live in a Borrower home designed by Applied Imagination.

President Martin Van Buren's Home in Kinderhook, NY
They even have a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired mini-home, for the modern Borrower.

But if Borrower homes had a crown jewel,
it would HAVE to be the Colleen Moore fairy castle.
I actually got to see this one in real life at the Science and Industry Museum in Chicago. It’s HUGE for a fairy house—taller than me, and the “garden” outside is big enough for a person to stand in. Everything inside is intricate and beautiful. Pay it a visit some time! 🙂

Where would you live if YOU were a Borrower?

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8 responses to “Borrower Dream Home: Top Places I’d Want to Live If I Was a Borrower

  1. ladyelasa

    So cute! Fairy gardens are so cool. There’s a local artist near me that does some beautiful ones.

  2. These are so charming! Of course I’d have to choose the teapot to live in. Though a close second would be the campground with the little caravan! (Although, I’ve never actually been camping before, so I’m not sure if I would succeed at “roughing it”).

    • I’ve only been camping a few times (and I’ve got major allergies, so I was pretty miserable). But I figure if I’m small enough to fit in that caravan, grains of pollen are probably too big to bother my sinuses anyway. 🙂

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