A Borrower’s Reading Kit: A Kit for the Tiniest of Readers

Posted May 10, 2016 by Alison's Wonderland Recipes in Reading Kits / 4 Comments

This month’s reading kit is based on The Borrowers, and I’m happy to say there were so many options for things to include that I had trouble holding myself back! I knew Arrietty’s iconic cherry tree needed to be featured, along with the tiny scissors. But then I started finding so many borrower-like mini things that the list got SUPER long. I trimmed the kit down to 6 items, but don’t worry—I planned another mini-item themed post for next week!

What items would I include in a Borrower’s reading kit? I’m so glad you asked…

Sip this tea while imagining you’re under Arrietty’s favorite cherry tree.
Cherry Blossom Tea, 20 Sachets in Tin by Harney & Sons

And of course you’ll need a tiny tea set to brew it in.

Vintage Miniature Small Tea Set ON SALE Signed Ann Zitterkopt 1981 Fine Enamel Painting 10 Pieces Doll House Scale Blythe Tea Party Set

This necklace is the latest in Borrower fashion.

Antique scissor necklace - Vintage spool necklace - Chartreuse green sewing charm pendant - Thread spool pendant - Cute quilting jewelry

Thimble or soup pot? Depends on how big you are.

Ketcham McDougall K M D sterling fancy thimble size 8

Write all about your adventures in Arrietty’s treasured journal.

Small 1842 Poetry Leather Blank Book

Get this wee copy of The Borrowers for your very own library.

What would you include in YOUR Borrower reading kit? 🙂

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4 responses to “A Borrower’s Reading Kit: A Kit for the Tiniest of Readers

    • Thanks! I got really into it. I think I spent an hour on Pinterest going “OMG THEY MAKE TINY BOOKS! AND SPOOLS OF THREAD! AND CARRIAGES! AND ITTY BITTY HOUSES FROM HOLLOWED OUT TREE STUMPS!”

      I almost didn’t get the post finished on time because I couldn’t decide what to keep in it. XD

  1. ladyelasa

    Awwwwww! I love the borrowers! And mini things. As a kid, I used to wish little people would live in my dollhouse. I absolutely love Miyazaki’s Secret World of Arietty. ^ ^ So excited about these menus!


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