November Book of the Month Hint

Posted November 4, 2014 by Alison's Wonderland Recipes in Hints / 2 Comments

Happy November! I hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween. We had SNOW on Friday, which I was super excited about, because I’m a weirdo who derives an unhealthy amount of enjoyment from cold weather (Need proof? The Mister once seriously proposed that we move to Alaska…and I thought it was a great idea).

Of course, the start of November means a new Book of the Month and new menu! I’m really happy with how our Dracula menu turned out, and the Halloween bonus post gave me a chance to finally cross eating bugs off my bucket list. However, now that I’ve had my spookiness fix, I’m ready to move on to something different.

Wanna take a guess at the new Book of the Month? Here’s a hint:

Flaming Fire
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