Tea Premieres


Ma’s Apple Pie Tea from the Little House Books (Jan. 2017)

Took February off to have a baby! 🙂

Mudder’s Milk: A Firefly Tea (March 2017)



The Once and Future Tea: Our King Arthur Custom Tea Blend (Jan. 2016)

X-Files Tea: The Tea is Out There (Feb. 2016)

All for One and One for All: Three Musketeers Tea (March 2016)

Aqueous Tea: Cucumber Mint Tea Inspired by Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events Books! (April 2016)

Arrietty’s Cherry Tree Tea (May 2016)

Where No One Has Gone Before: A Trio of Star Trek Teas (June 2016)

Princess Sara’s India Chai (July 2016)

Introducing THREE Studio Ghibli Teas! (Aug. 2016)

Elementary: A Sherlock Holmes Tea (Sept. 2016)

Quoth the Raven: An Edgar Allan Poe Tea (Oct. 2016)

White Whale: A Moby Dick Tea (Nov. 2016)

The 5 Teas of NaNo Intro Post: Literary Teas to Get You Through National Novel Writing Month (Nov. 2016)

The 5 Teas of NaNo: Week 2 (Nov. 2016)

The 5 Teas of NaNo: Week 3 (Nov. 2016)

The 5 Teas of NaNo: Week 4 (Nov. 2016)

The 5 Teas of NaNo: THE LAST TEA! (Nov. 2016)

Nutcracker Christmas Tea (Dec. 2016)