Reading Kits


Reading on the Prairie: A Little House Reading Kit (Jan. 2017)

Took February off to have a baby! 🙂

You Can’t Take the Sky from Me: A Firefly Marathon Kit (March 2017)



Reading Kits: My Real Life at Home Guest Post (Aug. 2015)

The Once and Future Reading Kit (Jan. 2016)

The Truth is Out There: An X-Files Marathon Kit (Feb. 2016)

All for One and One for All: A Three Musketeers Reading Kit (March 2016)

The Remarkable Reading Kit: A Series of Unfortunate Events Reading Kit (April 2016)

A Borrower’s Reading Kit: A Kit for the Tiniest of Readers (May 2016)

Make It So: A Star Trek TNG Marathon Kit (June 2016)

A Reading Kit Fit for a Princess (July 2016)

A Studio Ghibli Marathon Kit (Aug. 2016)

A Sherlock Holmes Reading Kit (Sept. 2016)

Some Midnight Reading: An Edgar Allan Poe Reading Kit (Oct. 2016)

Thar She Blows: A Moby Dick Reading Kit (Nov. 2016)

Winter Wonderland: A Nutcracker Christmas Kit (Dec. 2016)