A Wuthering Heights Reading Kit

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For the past week we’ve been trapped inside due to family-wide illness and a foot of snow, so putting together this Wuthering Heights reading kit was a nice break from all the tedium. I had a blast reading through Kate Beaton’s six part Wuthering Heights comic series to find just the right print to include in my kit. I also wanted to include at least one of the many wonderful quotes in Bronte’s book, so I made sure a quote is featured in one of the items below. I tried to avoid candles, scarves, and t-shirts this time since I tend to use those a lot in my kits (gotta widen those horizons!). In the end, I like to think I curated a thoughtful list of fun, unique items perfect for keeping close at hand while you read Emily Bronte’s famous novel. Let’s take a look! 🙂


What would I include in a Wuthering Heights reading kit? I’m so glad you asked…


A spiral pendant embossed with one of the most famous quotes from Wuthering Heights:
“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”



You’re gonna need this to get you through all those rainy days on the moor.

Wuthering Heights Umbrella


A print of this brilliant Wuthering Heights comic from the artist behind Hark! A Vagrant!

You can input the comic ID number on this page to make an order (it’s different from the page that show’s the full-size comic).


You’ll need this literary insult chart if you want to keep up with Catherine’s sass.



You’ll want these Wuthering Heights coloring pages when the weather is too bleak
to stand out on the heath staring dramatically into the distance
with your hair blowing in the wind.


Make scowling over the tea table at Mr. Heathcliff a little less tiresome
by spreading this delicious jam on your scones.


A watercolor portrait of the author herself


A complete hardcover set of all the Bronte classics to grace the library of your haunted estate.


What would you include in your
Wuthering Heights reading kit?


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