Strawberry and Grape Grinch Hearts with Yogurt Fruit Dip

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Is this more of an appetizer than a side dish? Probably. As soon as I started planning my Grinch Who Stole Christmas menu, I knew I wanted to incorporate Grinch hearts, but I wasn’t exactly sure how. It wasn’t until early this past week that I decided on making fruit skewers with dip, and by then I’d already made Who Hash for my appetizer. So here they are as a side dish! In the end, all that matters is that they’re delicious, right? 😉

And they definitely ARE delicious—easy too! Just cut your strawberries into shape with a small heart cookie cutter and slice the ends off your grapes at an angle. Slide them on a skewer, and you’re done! The fruit dip is easy too. It’s got a tasty coconut yogurt base blended with cream cheese and honey for added creaminess and sweetness. It’s a sweet snack you can feel great about eating, Grinch or not!


Grinch Hearts with Yogurt Fruit Dip: An AWR Original Recipe

“Well in Who-ville they say that the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day.”

— The Grinch Who Stole Christmas





Makes 8 skewers



      1. In a small bowl, blend together your yogurt, cream cheese, and honey with a hand mixer until the cream cheese is completely incorporated. Set aside. It won’t be completely smooth if there is shredded coconut in your yogurt, but that’s ok.
      2. Cut the tops off your strawberries and discard. Slice the strawberries in half lengthwise. If some of your strawberries are extra wide, make sure you cut parallel to the wide end so you wind up with two thin, wide halves instead of two thick, short halves.
      3. With a 2-inch heart cookie cutter, cut hearts from your strawberries halves. Snack on the scraps!
      4. Slice the bottoms from your grapes at an angle (I’d say a 45° angle, but in all honesty I eyeballed it. One of my grapes is pictured below to give you an idea of what you should be shooting for).

        Long, thin grapes work best for this (I got the idea from a Valentine tomato heart I saw on Pinterest). It still works with round grapes—most of my grapes were super round—but you’ll get a more defined heart with an oblong grape.
      5. Horizontally slide 1 strawberry heart onto each coffee stirrer. Similarly slide one grape with the sliced end pointing away from the strawberry. Slide on a second grape, this time with the sliced end pointing TOWARD the strawberry. Slide on a second strawberry.

        This slideshow requires JavaScript.

      6. You’re all set! Serve to the Grinch on Christmas day…and don’t be surprised if his heart grows a few sizes! 😉


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