Music of the Night: A Phantom of the Opera Tea

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I’ve had this tea blend waiting in the wings for almost a year now. I’ve known for AGES that I wanted to do a Phantom menu, but it took me quite a while to figure out exactly what I wanted to make for it. In the mean time, I designed this tea through Adagio Teas and saved it until I was able to make a Phantom menu. And now that time is here, so we can finally enjoy some Music of the Night tea!

I wanted something rich, indulgent, and romantic, so I went with a blend of chocolate and strawberry tea. For a little extra flair, I accented it with strawberry pieces, cocoa nibs, and rose petals. Brew yourself a cup and lose yourself to the Music of the Night!


Music of the Night


With all the sweet indulgence of fresh strawberries dipped in dark chocolate, this chocolate strawberry tea make a wonderful accompaniment to any dessert, though it’s sweet enough to be a dessert all on its own. The chocolate tea is dark and rich, offset by the distinct freshness of the strawberry. Add a little sugar and milk, and you’ve got the perfect brew to sip while you settle in to read The Phantom of the Opera!


You can order it here!

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2 responses to “Music of the Night: A Phantom of the Opera Tea

  1. ladyelasa

    Any tea with rose and strawberry and I’m there! I’m trying to drink up a lot of tea I have in stock, but I definitely want to try this one!

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