Top 10 Quick, Easy Literary Recipes to Make with Kids

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This week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt was a freebie, so I decided to cover a topic I’ve had on the brain for a while. When I made astronaut pudding for my Amelia’s Notebook menu, I loved how kid-friendly it was, and I got to thinking about how tough it can be to find fiction-inspired recipes for kids. Dishes like Turkish Delight or Deeper ‘N Ever Pie are fun recipes, but they can be intimidating for kiddos who are just starting to get curious about cooking.

I decided to do a roundup of quick, easy literary recipes for kids here on the blog, so here are ten of my favorites! These recipes require minimal cooking or cutting, and several of them are well known foods from history (sugar plums, hardtack, johnny cake, etc.) that kids are likely to come across in classic books. You can incorporate them into a homeschooling lesson, use them to satisfy your children’s curiosity about foods they’ve read about, or just whip them up for fun. The choice is yours! 🙂



Top 10 Quick, Easy Literary Recipes to Make with Kids!


Snow Candy from Little House in the Big Woods

All it takes is one ingredient and a little bit of snow to make this easy pioneer candy from Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House books!



Bread and Butterflies from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

There’s a reason why this was the very first recipe I ever made for this blog: it’s super easy and doesn’t require any cooking! This is great for kids who love the Alice movie, are just starting to read the book, or are curious about what cucumber sandwiches taste like (as a kid, I fell into all three of these categories).



Byzantine Sugar Plums from The Nutcracker

Gotta love any recipe that basically just involves throwing everything in a food processor. The spices may not make this a first choice for kids with choosier palates, but it’s a fun way to learn what sugar plums are (and a creative homemade Christmas gift they can give to family).




Butterbeer Trifle from Harry Potter

This quick tribute to Harry Potter is easy to whip up during sleepovers or birthday parties.



Miss Mary’s Porridge from The Secret Garden

Lots of classic books feature porridge, and as a kid I often wondered what it tasted like. The addition of fresh whipped cream and a little honey turns this recipe into a delicious breakfast to make with the little reader in your life.



Witch Hat Calzones from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Most kids won’t be interested in the pesto dipping sauce, but the plain witch hats (filled with pepperoni and cheese) are sure to be a big hit!



Mouse King Cheese Bites from The Nutcracker

Take cheese and crackers to a whole new level with these festive snacks kids can construct themselves (though you may want to cut out the crown shapes ahead of time).



Ship’s Biscuits (aka Hardtack) from Moby Dick

This is one of those recipes from history that admittedly tastes pretty bland, but it’s fun to learn how it’s made. I added some seasoning to mine to make it a bit more palatable, and it actually tastes pretty good when broken up and added to soup.



Neverland Pirate Map Pizza from Peter Pan

Bring Peter Pan to life with this easy pizza. Who wouldn’t love decorating their own edible pirate map?



Johnny Cake from Little House in the Big Woods

This pioneer equivalent to cornbread is a little plain, but it can be a great side dish when dressed up with a little butter and honey.



What are YOUR favorite foods from literature?


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