Cookbook Update: On Cover Photos & Tea

Posted May 30, 2017 by Alison's Wonderland Recipes in Blogging / 8 Comments

Howdy, folks! Back when I first announced I was writing a teatime cookbook, I asked if/how/when you’d like to receive updates, and many of you requested a monthly post detailing how things are coming along. Here’s the first installment! A lot has come together since I first started working on it, but here are the highlights:

  • We have a complete recipe list. We’ve got 45 recipes divided into 3 sections (Savories, Breads & Muffins, and Sweets). Since it’s a teatime cookbook, we also have two smaller sections for tea alternatives (like hot chocolate) and recipes for homemade tea blends.
  • We have a tentative cover photo. I tried a few different angles of a tea setting and sent them to my editor, and we both liked this one:
    I got the tablecloth as a wedding present, and I LOVE how it looks as a background. It’s just the right balance of pretty but not-too-frilly. I wanted to achieve that balance because it reflects the style of my blog—a combo of classic and creative. I may try some other versions later, but this is what we’re going with for now.
  • I’m thinking of a red, white, light blue, and black color scheme. This was another way I wanted to reflect the style of my blog. You can see it a little bit in the cover photo, and it will also be evident in the styling of the text and internal graphics.
  • I’m almost done with the actual cooking!!! There are approximately 10 recipes left that I want to perfect, but apart from that, the actual recipe work is finished. All that’s left is typing it up (which is proving to be pretty tricky with the new baby—he loves to watch me cook but hates when I sit down to type!).

That’s it so far—don’t want to give too much away! 😉
I’ll keep you updated as the cookbook progresses. What do you think so far?



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8 responses to “Cookbook Update: On Cover Photos & Tea

  1. This is the neatest! I really cannot wait to see the final product, and I’m thrilled that your cookbook will include recipes for homemade teas 😀

    • When the editor and I first started discussing the book, we were thinking of just going with a general classic lit theme, but I’m so glad we decided to put it in the context of teatime. I never dreamed I’d get to write about books, food, AND tea at the same time!

    • It was fun to play around with different design ideas. I’ll probably update the blog next year to match the cookbook style even more. I made myself promise I wouldn’t take on any major blog updates until the Little Mister’s first birthday. Next year will be a busy time for blog design!

  2. ladyelasa

    Oh my gosh. This is so exciting! I’m so buying this book as soon as it comes out! 😀

    • I feel really lucky. A cookbook was something I’d hoped for in the far future, but even then I thought I’d have to self publish. I wasn’t sure how I’d manage it with the Little Mister, but he’s been a great cooking buddy.

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