A Very Bookish Christmas: 10 Literary Christmas Decorations

Posted November 29, 2016 by Alison's Wonderland Recipes in Holidays, Link Up / 12 Comments

‘Tis the season to deck the halls! As I started planning my Christmas decorations for this year, I thought about how great it would be to use wintery decor as a way to celebrate my love of books. I searched the interwebs, and it turns out there are TONS of gorgeous, festive literary decorations out there. Here are my top ten!


My Top 10 Literary Christmas Decorations


No Christmas tree? Don’t worry—books to the rescue!



And for a conventional tree: these leather-bound book ornaments!



Hang this DIY book wreath on your door!

Looking for an easy DIY holiday wreath idea? Decorate your home for the holidays this year with this eye-catching easy to make Christmas book page wreath.



This cup is perfect for Santa’s milk.

Vintage Kiln Craft Coffee Mug SEASONS READINGS Red Toy Soldier Book England FREESHIPPING



…and this plate for his cookies!

Holiday Grinch Plate



This literary garland looks great on a tree or a mantle.



A great place for hiding tiny Christmas presents

Hollow Book Safe - Charles Dickens - Oliver Twist, A Tale of Two Cities, A Christmas Carol.. (Leather-bound) (Magnetic Closure Optional)



A throw pillow to pay homage to Twas the Night Before Christmas




Make your whole house smell like the Hogwarts Great Hall at Christmas!

Christmas in the Great Hall- Book Candles- 8oz


And my personal favorite: this wall hanging with a Christmas quote from Charles Dickens!


Are there any bookish ways you plan
to decorate for Christmas?

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12 responses to “A Very Bookish Christmas: 10 Literary Christmas Decorations

  1. I love this weeks topic, mostly as it is helping me find more and more things I want to buy for myself. I absolutely love your pick for this topic, these decorations are all so stunning. I especially love the wreaths, they look stunning. Not sure I could bring myself to cut up a book and do it. I could buy it already made though haha. You can check out my gift guide here.

    • LOL! Same here. When I first saw the prompt for this week, I was like, “Ooo! People are gonna post a bunch of great gift ideas I can use!” Lots of my family members like to read, so it’s fun to find creative, bookish things I can get them. The Evie Seo designs in your post look AWESOME.

  2. Bookish Christmas decorations! Oh my goodness…I need all of these in my life!

    Awesome post and thanks for sharing these! I need to get my hands on all of them somehow 😛

  3. Greg Hill

    What a great idea! Very cool wreath, and I love the plate with the Grich quote. Awesome. I love scented candles too, especially the bookish related ones. 🙂

  4. Wow I love your theme for this week, and I love some of these decorations as well. I have so many books I could make a massive book Christmas tree, and I love the idea of wreaths and paper chains made out of books pages too (though I’m not sure I’d ever be able to tear up an old book to get the pages you know?)
    Also bookish candles are definitely a must, not matter when or where you are! 😀

    • I’m conflicted about tearing up old books for decorations too! On the one hand, I figure if it’s a junky old copy and I’ve got another one, why not use the old one to make something? But then I think that I could always give it away to a good home instead.

      • If it’s a copy of a book you’ll never read or even a book you have two copies of, I have a few of those, then why not? But on the other hand yeah you could give them to a charity shop. That’s something else I need to do before this year is over, sort out my books and take a few to the charity shops! 🙂

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