White Whale: A Moby Dick Tea

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When I first started thinking about what I wanted to do for my Moby Dick tea, I immediately drew up a list of white teas and went to work on different combinations. I don’t get to play with white teas very often, so a book themed around a white whale was all the motivation I needed to make sure this lesser-known tea gets some love! 🙂

However, most white teas have a very delicate flavor, and I felt like a whaling book would need something with a bit more oomph. I found it in Adagio’s white chai. It combines a hint of tropical flavor with light spice to make a unique take on traditional chai. I added some gunpowder green tea to give it just a hint of smokiness and some extra coconut to balance it all out.


White Whale


This tea is a very gentle version of traditional chai. The spiced flavor is what you taste first, rounded out with a hint of smoke from the gunpowder tea. The tropical notes are a faint hint in the background, just enough to give the blend the light quality indicative of white tea. Drink up—we’ve got a whale to catch! 🙂


You can order it here!

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2 responses to “White Whale: A Moby Dick Tea

  1. ladyelasa

    This is such a creative mix! I’m still getting the hang of mixing teas on Adagio. XD


    • I went out on a limb a little bit with the gunpowder green, but I figured it would probably work ok with a white tea. I’m glad it worked out! Since I’ve had to cut back on my caffeine intake during my pregnancy, it’s been fun to build a repertoire of lower-caffeine teas.

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