Thar She Blows: A Moby Dick Reading Kit

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The chill November winds are here in full force. In short, perfect reading weather! So curl up with a copy of Moby Dick and some items from this reading kit. They’re sure to whisk you away on a far off adventure…hopefully somewhere warmer!


What items would I include in a Moby Dick reading kit? I’m so glad you asked…


In case it gets chilly up in the crow’s nest

Crashing Waves scarf. Japanese textile motif pashmina. Silkscreened linen weave pashmina; choose ice on teal blue & more.


This faux scrimshaw ship pendant

Ship Necklace - Nautical Jewelry - Pirate Ship Necklace - Pendant Necklace - Faux Scrimshaw Jewelry - Sailor - Schooner - Scrimshaw Inspired



A light snack for the voyage

Stauffer's Whales Baked Cheddar Snack Crackers, (2) 7 Oz Boxes



For when the sad parts come


These oh-so-perfect bookmarks

Moby Dick Bookmark set



For your baby baluga



This gorgeous hardcover copy of the book!




What would you include in YOUR Moby Dick reading kit? 🙂


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