A Reading Kit Fit for a Princess

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There’s a lot of beauty to be found in the book A Little Princess. So many of the sentences are elegantly crafted with lush descriptions. I found myself reading several of them twice just to enjoy them over again (check out the sunset in Chapter 11—you wont’ be sorry!). But even if the descriptions had been sub-par, it would still be hard not to get swept up in the romanticism of vintage lockets, porcelain dolls, and dainty cakes.

Even so, the real artistry of A Little Princess is in how it showcases the beauty of the human spirit. Sara Crewe is gentle and generous while living in the lap of luxury, but this doesn’t change when she encounters hardship. Instead, she works even harder to live her philosophy that a girl is a princess because of how she acts, not what she has. As a result, she draws out the inner beauty of the people around her—from the baker woman down the stree to the ld man next door.

The reading kit below is designed to revel in the lavish lifestyle described in the book…but in true Sara fashion, remember to share it with a friend! 🙂


This gorgeous vintage locket for holding pictures of your loved ones

Silver Heart Locket Wife Sister Wedding Jewelry Bride Bridesmaid Graduation Mother Daughter Birthday Anniversary Gift Photo Pictures - Jill


To keep your feet warm on cold nights in your attic bedroom



An Emily doll to be your friend


Dessert fit for a princess.

Godiva Chocolatier Dessert Truffle, Ultimate Flight, 6 Count


Delicious chai hot chocolate to remind you of home.

Dagoba Chai Drinking Chocolate, 12-Ounce Can


Something to read while you sip.



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4 responses to “A Reading Kit Fit for a Princess

    • Me too! I think it made me pickier than usual when it came to choosing stuff to put in the kit. I was all bent out of shape because I couldn’t find a suitable doll with “golden brown hair” to be the Emily doll in the kit. I had to settle for dark brown hair. Perfectionist problems! 😉

  1. Two of my favorite movies as a young one– the Secret Garden and the Little Princess, both by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Even at 27, I still find myself swept away by these films. Yet, I’ve never read the books! I must admit, “classics” really intimidate me, but I keep thinking I should read these two books anyway. (BTW, didn’t know Chai Hot Chocolate existed, and now I will be on the hunt for this ambrosia so I can sip on it this Autumn).

    • I definitely recommend the books. I grew up with the movies too, but I think it added to my appreciation of the books when I got around to reading them. Since I already knew how the story was supposed to go, I could spend more time appreciating how Hodgson Burnett developed her characters and crafted her sentences. 🙂

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