Where No One Has Gone Before: A Trio of Star Trek Teas

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Today we’re continuing our Star Trek menu with a trio of Trek-themed teas. Anyone familiar with the show might be expecting Captain Picard’s signature “tea, Earl Grey, hot,” but Adagio Teas (the site were I blend my teas) has ten versions of Earl Grey that are all super delicious. I honestly didn’t think I could improve them, so instead I decided to make three teas, each dedicated to one of the three service divisions in Star Fleet! The flavor profile of each tea is themed on its division’s signature color: Command Red, Sciences Blue, and Operations Gold.

Ready to boldly go where no tea drinker has gone before? 😉


A Trio of Star Trek Teas


Command Red

Star Trek TNG: Command Red

Take command of the Enterprise with this bold sweet-tart tea, which brews a rich red color. This tea combines two berry-based herbal teas (Berry Blast and Fruit Medley) to make a super juicy blend. It can be brewed hot or cold, but I recommend cold (hot dulls the flavor a little).


Sciences Blue

Star Trek TNG: Sciences Blue

This blueberry blend inspired by the Sciences Division brews a cool purple-blue color with delicious berry flavor. It’s perfect hot or iced with a little bit of sugar. Just the thing to get your mind whirring for a fast-paced day as the Chief Medical Officer on a starship!


Operations Gold

Star Trek TNG: Security Gold

This rooibos-honeybush blend of caramel and chocolate flavors brews a beautiful honey-gold color, just like the uniforms of the Operations Division. The flavor reminds me of Abbott’s Chocolate Hazelnut Tea, one of my favorite teas!


You can order them here!

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