TTT: Funniest Star Trek TNG Character Moments

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Happy Tuesday! I’m prepping for a camping trip this week, so this post is going up a little later than usual. But better late than never, right? Originally I wanted to write a top 10 episodes post (in keeping with my current Star Trek theme), but it proved to be super intimidating. I’ve only seen the whole series once, so remembering what happened in the early episodes was tough. To kick start my brain, I tried to think of my favorite character moments, and I had so much fun reminiscing, I decided to do a post on that instead!

Below are my top 10 funniest character moments from Star Trek: The Next Generation. If you’re a fan of the show, you probably remember these moments. And if you’ve never seen Star Trek, these may inspired you to give it a try! 🙂

P.S. Even though I’m posting this now, I’m going to link it to next week’s TTT prompt, since that’s a freebie week.


Ten Funniest TNG Moments

Data Grows a Beard

star trek image beard data tng

In an attempt to look more human, Data the android decides to “grow” a beard. Unfortunately, the giggles from his friends inspire him to promptly shave it off.


Troi’s Chocolate Sundae Ritual

Troi loves chocolate in any form and is convinced she’s never met a chocolate she didn’t like. Whenever she eats an ice cream sundae, she has a system for maximizing her enjoyment: eating slowly, while scooping her spoon slowly around the outside edge to get as much chocolate fudge as possible.


Worf is a Party Pooper

When Q transported everyone to his own recreation of Sherwood forest, he cast them all as characters from Robin Hood…and Worf was not a fan.


Captain Picard Tries (and Fails) to be Left Alone to Read

Poor Picard. Despite being a man of culture, he doesn’t get a whole lot of time to pursue his more intellectual passions while captaining a starship. So when he gets some unexpected time off, he plans to spend it sitting by the pool and catching up on his reading. No such luck. Instead, he gets wrangled into an adventure with a thief of ancient artifacts, which takes up all his vacation time. #StarFleetProblems


Q Tries to be Nice

 In Star Trek, Q is a nearly all-powerful being who likes to spend the dull moments of his eternity being antagonistic and sarcastic towards humans (particularly the crew of the Enterprise). During one of their previous meetings, the captain performed a kind act towards Q, who decides he wants to return the favor. Unfortunately, it turns out Nice Q is even more trouble than Annoying Q.


Data Leaves Spot

 In the episode “Phantasms,” Data begins having waking dreams in which he behaves oddly (and sometimes aggressively). Concerned for his cat Spot’s safety, he decides to find a cat-sitter. Unfortunately, the only person available is the decidedly un-nuturing Worf.


Bev and Deanna’s Girl Talks

star trek not my beverly crusher all of the squeeing

There aren’t many women among the senior officers, so Dr. Crusher and Deanna Troi are all too happy to let their girl flags fly around each other. They have impromptu girl talks on the regular, but I think my favorite is when Troi is late to yoga because of a new boyfriend and Crusher makes her make up for it by dishing on all the details.


When Scotty Tells Geordi to Fake It Til You Make It

When the legendary Mr. Scott comes on board the Enterprise for a visit, he winds up helping head engineer Geordi. He’s appalled when he finds out Geordi gives the Captain accurate estimates of how long repairs and upgrades will take. How is Geordi supposed to convince everyone he’s a miracle worker?! 😉


When Ryker Taught Wesley How to Flirt

One of the young ensigns, Wesley Crusher, is having some girl problems, so he turns to famed ladies’ man Ryker for help. Ryker asks Guinan to stand in as the “flirtee” during a demonstration for Wesley…and they both flirt so elaborately, they forget it’s a demo at all!


Captain Picard Day

 Captain Picard may not be great with kids, but that doesn’t stop them from loving him. Every year on the Enterprise, the children celebrate Captain Picard Day in his honor, where they play games and win prizes for Picard-inspired art.


What are your favorite Star Trek TNG moments?


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10 responses to “TTT: Funniest Star Trek TNG Character Moments

  1. ladyelasa

    Aww. These are some great moments! I love Data so much. His concern for Spot is adorable.

  2. Ah, this post makes me of when I was trying to become a “morning person” earlier in the year. I have a habit of waking up ten minutes before I have to leave for work. So, I decided to use TNG as a reward for waking up earlier. I would watch an episode (or half an episode) before work each morning. But then, we hit the slow season at work and my boyfriend wouldn’t have to go in until late morning, so he sort of invaded my TNG time. And then my dreams of becoming a “morning person” dissolved. I should probably give it another go now… And, did Data always have a cat or was it introduced in a later season? I’ve gotta see that episode!!

    • LOL That’s awesome! The Mister and I use TNG epsiodes (and now Voyager) as stay-at-home date nights. One time I surprised him on Saturday morning with his favorite cereal and his favorite TNG episode all set to go on Netflix.

      Spot shows up some time during the last 4 seasons of the show. I LOVE when Data write an Ode to Spot. It was one of my favorite episodes! 🙂

  3. I haven’t really seen much Star Trek, mostly just some of the movies, but I do remember loving Data. Him with a beard and a cat would be so funny. I almost want to go and find this series now. Procrastination alert!

  4. Ha!! Love this! Makes me want to do a top 10 Supernatural gifs or top 10 Big Bang Theory gifs! TNG was my favorite of the series, probably because it came out when I was a teen, and Wil Wheaton grabbed my attention first. Great list!
    Check out my Top 10

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