Make It So: A Star Trek TNG Marathon Kit

Posted June 7, 2016 by Alison's Wonderland Recipes in Reading Kits / 5 Comments

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As noted in last week’s recipe post, we’re departing from our usual book-inspired posts to pay homage to Star Trek: The Next Generation (after 3 months, I figured we were about due for another TV menu). And that means it’s time for another marathon kit! It was tough to narrow down exactly which items I wanted to include in the kit, but after several drafts I think I’ve got the perfect combo of items to help you make it through your next trekky Netflix binge. Enjoy!


What items would I include in a Star Trek marathon kit? I’m so glad you asked…

Some tall glasses from which to sip your Romulan Ale.
Romulan Ale Glasses


Who doesn’t want a super tough Klingon to help them fight the bad guys?



Try some of Captain Piccard’s very own personal brew.

Tea, Earl Grey, Hot - Officially-Licensed Star Trek Tea


For when you wanna bust out some tunes in Ten Forward

Star Trek TNG "Inner Light" Ressikan Flute Playable Prop Replica


For the newest member of your crew.


To keep all your books from the Academy in tip-top shape.

6 " Kindle case padded sleeve cover ebook ereader e-reader Star Trek The Next Generation MADE TO ORDER


Every single glorious adventure in the entire series.

What would you include in YOUR Star Trek TNG marathon kit? 🙂



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5 responses to “Make It So: A Star Trek TNG Marathon Kit

  1. Cait @ Paper Fury

    AHHH I LOVE STAR TREK. But I’ve only seen the newer movies so I’m probably not allowed to be a true fan yet. XD hehe. (I will watch the older show eventually though!) But ooh, this looks like a fabulous kit. It only needs snacks. Someone definitely needs to bring the snacks. *nods* ;D

    • Lol! You’re allowed to be a true fan no matter what. 😉

      Would you believe snacks were super hard to find? The Earl Grey tea was the closest I could get (which means that starting a Star Trek candy brand is now my latest plan to become a billionaire).

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