Aqueous Tea: Cucumber Mint Tea Inspired by Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events Books!

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It’s time to premiere our Series of Unfortunate Events tea! When brainstorming ideas for this tea, my first thought went to Esmé Squalor, the Baudelaires’ guardian in the 6th Unfortunate Events book. Esmé is obsessed with all things “in,” and this obsession leads her to drink crazy concoctions like parsley soda and aqueous martinis—all in the name of fashion. Of course, there was NO WAY I was making a parsley tea, so I set my sights on the martini. In truth, the aqueous martini isn’t really a martini, since alcohol was “out” when it was created Instead, it’s simply ice cold water in a martini glass with an olive. I liked the idea of something crisp, simple, and classy, so I used that as my inspiration. Channeling the cucumber and mint infused waters I’ve been seeing at parties lately, I went with a white cucumber base and added spearmint to make it extra refreshing. The results make a perfect iced tea!


Aqueous Tea

Inspired by Esmé Squalor’s Aqueous Martini, this tea is so “in” right now.

This tea is just the thing to distract you from any unfortunate events you may be experiencing. With mild spearmint flavors and a delicate, crisp undertone of cucumber, it will make you feel like the “innest” person in town! I’ll admit, the leaves smell a little like toothpaste (due to the spearmint), but the brewed tea is delicate and refined—perfect iced with just a little bit of sugar.

You can order it here!


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13 responses to “Aqueous Tea: Cucumber Mint Tea Inspired by Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events Books!

  1. ladyelasa

    Ooo this is a cool idea! I never thought of combining cucumber and mint for a tea!

      • Well I know that the traditional form uses tea leaves (plain black type tea), yak butter (or cow) and salt. Diana on Fiction-Food Cafe used black tea, and also used goat’s milk when making it for the Scorpio races. It supposed to be good for chapped lips. I think if I make my version again I will try to do it with dried parsley.

  2. This makes me think of my childhood when cucumber scented anything was all the rage. I had no idea that Adagio had a cucumber flavored tea, but I’m kind of compelled to try it (I don’t usually frequent the white tea page, I admit).

    • I was completely new to white teas when I first started blending, so I avoided them for a while. Now they’re my go-to for blending iced teas. They’re SO airy and light, you almost never need sugar (I like just a little sugar with this one, because the cucumber has just a little bit of a vegetal, green-tea type flavor so the sugar wakes it up a bit).

      In fact, I just served my Becky’s Peach Tea (which is a combo of white peach and strawberry) at a tea party today, and it was a HUGE hit. As an added bonus, white teas are caffeine free, and I think they might have more antioxidants than green (not sure).

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