The Truth is Out There: An X-Files Marathon Kit

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You may recall that last month I premiered a new type of monthly post: reading kits! I’m planning to do one for every menu I make this year, which I’m not ashamed to say has me super excited. I LOVE finding just the right mix of things related to my favorite books (or in this case, TV show). Since X-Files doesn’t involve much reading, I’m rebranding the kit as a “marathon kit” this time, but it’s basically the same thing: a compilation of 6 items inspired by our menu of the month. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so why not make a kit for that special X-Files fan in your life? I know I’d love one! 🙂

What items would I include in an X-Files marathon kit? I’m so glad you asked…

These alien bookends for storing all your abduction research

Alien Abduction Bookends

This gray alien to keep you company while you watch the show.

This mug to help you keep the faith


I like my coffee like I like my government conspiracies: world-changing and masterminded by aliens.


This rainy day X-files activity book for when it’s too cloudy to hunt UFOs

The X-Files Rainy Day Colouring & Activity Book
Just try not to spill any sunflower seeds on your masterpieces.

These totally rad Mulder and Scully plushies for you to cuddle during the scary scenes

This super-mega-ultra comprehensive set of ALL the X-Files seasons and movies!

Because NOT spending the entire weekend binging on X-Files is for suckers.


What would you include in YOUR X-Files marathon kit? 🙂


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