It’s November! To celebrate, we’ve got new custom tea and a Book of the Month hint!

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Howdy, folks! The Mister and I just moved into our new house yesterday (!!!), so things are pretty chaotic around here right now. Still, I’m super excited because I’m doing this year’s NaNoWrMo, so a whole month of super intense writing is just beginning for me today. Oh, and my birthday was a few weeks ago! So lots of craziness…but good craziness. 🙂

On my birthday, the Mister came back from a week-long business trip in Germany, and he brought me some awesome birthday gifts: a stein from an abbey he visited, an Oktoberfest gingerbread heart that said “Never Far from You,” and chalkboard hearts and a butterfly ornament from a market in Munich. He also gave me the little novelty item his client company hands out at conventions: a wooden pencil-shaped case filled with tiny colored pencils!

In spite of my topsy-turvy life, I managed to get my last two Agatha Christie recipes posted: Delicious Death chocolate cake and Little Belgian Truffles! As is our tradition, we’re punctuating the end of our menu with new custom teas from Adagio. I actually made TWO blends this month, since I love Agatha Christie so much and couldn’t choose between the two I designed. The first, called Hallowe’en Party, is inspired by the book of the same name and features spiced apple chai and cinnamon tea. The second tea blend is inspired by Hercule Poirot: Chocolate Mocha Tea for Ze Little Grey Cells! It’s got indulgent chocolate flavor with subtle coffee tones and just a touch of hazelnut—sure to set your brain buzzing!

Now that our Agatha Christie menu is all wrapped up with a tidy little bow, it’s time to share the photo hint for our next menu! Our November book is actually a modern book series rather than a true classic. I decided to make a menu for it after loving the first book in the series. It was such a fun read and featured food so prominently, I knew it would be a great addition to Pop Culture Corner. Without further ado, here’s your hint:

Any takers? Post your guesses in the comments!
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2 responses to “It’s November! To celebrate, we’ve got new custom tea and a Book of the Month hint!

  1. ladyelasa

    That’s such a cool present from your hubby! So cute! I’m excited to see what next month’s recipes have in store. And happy NaNo! I’m doing it too! How is going for you so far?

    • Thanks! I totally freaked out about the stein (I started a collection a while back). Happy NaNo to you too! My profile name is Alison W. if you want to buddy up. It’s going pretty well, but I’m not as far ahead as I would like (I lost almost a whole day to sickness, so I’m fighting to keep up right now). The Mister suggested I make a menu for my novel to post on the blog, and I REALLY like the idea. I’m not sure I’ll have time to cook all the extra recipes, but I might do a post where I link to other blogs that have recipes I would use if I were to make one. Could be fun! 🙂

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