Pick Your Poison: Who’s Your Favorite Agatha Christie Sleuth?

Posted October 6, 2015 by Alison's Wonderland Recipes in Uncategorized / 5 Comments

Pretty much every Agatha Christie fan I know has a strong opinion on whether Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple is a better sleuth. Me? I’m completely torn.

I LOVE Poirot’s little eccentricities and penchant for perfection (in Cards on the Table, he’s heard to say, “I am always right. It is so invariable it startles me.”). Then again, I love the simple, unobtrusive way Jane Marple always manages to crack a case just by reflecting on her own experiences with human nature. I wish I could trek through London with Poirot on a case, but I’d probably want to end the day sipping tea by the fire with Miss Marple.


What about you? Where do you stand? Let me know in the poll below, and you can leave an explanation in the comments!


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5 responses to “Pick Your Poison: Who’s Your Favorite Agatha Christie Sleuth?

  1. Poirot is definitely my favorite! I like Miss Marple too, but I just find Poirot’s pomposity completely charming, lol. I also enjoy some of her lesser known sleuths, like Ariadne Oliver, Mr. Harley Quin, and Parker Pyne (Miss Lemon’s original employer). Honestly, if it’s Agatha Christie, I like it. 😀

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