It’s All Comin’ Up Roses: New Theme, New Nephew, New Tea, and a New Book of the Month Hint!

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As you can see, we’ve got a new look around here! You may recall my special post a few days ago, where I explained that some unexpected problems with my previous blog theme had me hunting for a new one. This gorgeous new theme (courtesy of Nose Graze) caught my eye right away, since it’s so customizable. Unfortunately, it took me almost three whole days to get it set up, but I promise I have a good reason:

I wish I could show you what a cutie he is when his eyes are open, but he’s a VERY hungry man when he’s awake. I seriously doubt he’d have much patience for a photo op if it meant he had to wait for food…he takes after his auntie! 😉


This awesome little guy is my brand new nephew (and soon to be godson!). I’ve been staying at my sister’s place the last couple days to help out with the new baby, which hasn’t left much time for blogging…but it HAS left lots of time for baby cuddles and playing pretend with my 3-year-old niece. The toddler and I even colored some leftover sugar cookies (from my Candied Flower Cookie recipe) with some special food markers I had on hand.

This is my niece’s masterpiece. I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be a drawing of cake, because she’s ALWAYS drawing/taking about/pretending to make cakes…she takes after her auntie too!


Now that I’m back to blogging, it’s time to say goodbye to our Secret Garden menu. I’ll be sad to see it go: I got to make so many things I’ve never made before! Our Young Fowl with Bread Sauce turned me into bread sauce’s biggest fan, and our Lavender Lemon Eclair recipe ensures that my own kitchen will be enabling my eclair addiction from now on. I also got to make candied flowers for the very first time!

As a final farewell to The Secret Garden, we’ve got a new tea blend (Miss Mary’s Garden Blend) available through Adagio. Head over to our tea gallery to check it out!

Old Gate
Miss Mary’s Garden Blend is a floral black tea composed of lavender earl grey, summer rose, and strawberry teas (Photo Credit: Click here to order!


But of course, we have a wonderful new Book of the Month just around the corner. I can’t wait to get started! It’s definitely a classic, but a little different from our usual reading material. Want to know what it will be? Here’s a hint:

At The Beach
Photo Credit:


And if you want more garden-themed recipes to get your flower fix, here are some from our previous menus:

Bacon Roses from Romeo and Juliet
The Queen of Hearts’ Painted Rose Cupcakes from Alice in Wonderland
Petunia Bowl Salad from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


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3 responses to “It’s All Comin’ Up Roses: New Theme, New Nephew, New Tea, and a New Book of the Month Hint!

  1. Cait @ Paper Fury

    OMG YOUR NEWPHEW IS SO SO CUTE!! I got 2 new nieces this year and one more coming! 😀 (It’s very hand to have a lot of sisters…so many cutie babies. Until, um, Christmas and then I am broke. -_-) And loving the new theme!

    • You’d think being a nanny would help me get all my OMG BABIES SO CUTE out of my system, but I think I’ve actually gotten WORSE since becoming a nanny. The Mister and I are going to visit his new baby cousin today, and he felt the need to say, “Now remember. Today is visit baby day, not STEAL baby day.”

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