Hothsicles: Lightsaber Popsicles

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 Corny as it may be, I’m fiercely proud of the pun in the title. These colorful lightsaber popsicles are just right for our Star Wars menu: flavorful, easy to make, and perfect for the hot weather we’ve been having lately!

Initially, I had grand plans to make three different flavor varieties: strawberry basil, matcha coconut, and Hawaiian blue. You can still do that if you want, but I decided to keep this recipe simple to make it more party friendly. Y’see, except for the Raspberry-Mango Planets (which require a molecular gastronomy kit), everything else on the menu is something you could easily make for a Memorial Day BBQ or Star Wars party. In keeping with that style, I shelved my fancy ideas and pulled out my favorite punch recipe (it’s so simple—you literally pour two ingredients together in a bowl). Dye it three colors in saber-shaped molds, and voila! Instant sci-fi dessert! 🙂



“Your father’s lightsaber…not as clumsy or random as a blaster; an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.
— Star Wars: A New Hope



Makes approximately 12 popsicles (my popsicle molds hold 1/3 cup liquid)



  1. Combine your ginger ale and white grape juice. Divide them evenly between 3 liquid measuring cups, or any container with a lip.

    You’ll be pouring straight from these containers into your popsicle molds, so a lip will help minimize spilling. You don’t want to spill, because the food coloring WILL make a mess!
  2. Add 1 drop of blue food coloring to one container, 3 drops of green to another, and 10 drops of red to the last. Stir with a fork until the food coloring is completely blended through.

  3. Pour the dyed punch into your popsicle molds. This recipe makes approximately 4 of each color, depending on the size.
  4. Secure the caps on your popsicle molds and place them in the freezer for at least 3 hours.

    The sugar and carbonation increase the time it takes to freeze.
  5. When ready to serve, run warm water over the outside of your molds and gently apply pressure around the outside until the mold easily slips off.
  6. Serve while defending the galaxy against blistering heat! 🙂

    Now that I think about it, any neutrally colored drink will work. I just happen to love this particular punch recipe. But if frozen Sprite or even white wine is your thing, go for it! Just make sure not to give the white wine pops to the kiddos…they can do enough damage while hopped up on regular ol’ sugar. TRUST ME.


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