May I Introduce Our First Movie of the Month?

Posted May 1, 2015 by Alison's Wonderland Recipes in Hints, Teas / 1 Comment

I make no apologies for the punny title. PUNNY TITLES FOREVER!

April was definitely a fun month for food. The Pineapple Ticking Crocodile was a particularly rewarding leap outside my culinary comfort zone. But now it’s time to say goodbye to Neverland and set our sights on somewhere even farther away…

I’ve provided the photo hint for our May menu below. NOTE: In keeping with my blogging goal for this year of including a few classic movies in our menus, this month’s menu will be based around a movie, rather than a book.

galaxy 2
Any guesses as to what our very first Movie of the Month will be, based on the picture?

If you need a final dose of Peter Pan before we head into the realm of sci-fi, swing by the book blog 101 Books to learn some Fascinating Facts about Peter! 🙂


P.S. We wrapped up our April menu yesterday by premiering our new Alison’s Wonderland Teas page (so feel free to order some if your teacup looks lonely).

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