May Flowers Bring…Hogwarts-Themed Tea?

Posted April 30, 2014 by Alison's Wonderland Recipes in Hints, Teas / 0 Comments

We’ve reached the end of April, so you know what that means…farewell, Harry Potter menu! A sad farewell indeed, but I think we can safely say our mischief was managed. 😉

Don’t fret; I promise I’ve got an equally awesome Book of the Month picked out for May. But if you need something to ease the transition (I know I will), Kristen from Adagio Teas has some great Hogwarts House themed blends. Just Brew yourself a cup of Bravery and try not to panic. The wait will be over soon!

Here’s your hint for the next Book of the Month. Any guesses? 🙂

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