Hey there, Wonderlanders! After such a crazy March, here’s hoping the snow is finally behind us. Luckily, our new book of the month is just the sort to get you thinking happy thoughts. Can you guess what it is? Here’s your photo hint:


In other news, I’ve been invited to join the Association of Food Bloggers! My membership is still being processed, but soon you should be able to access my site through their blog directory. You can check them out here. :)

Naturally, a book that’s written mostly from a wolf’s point of view isn’t going to have much human-friendly meat in it, but salmon is a notable exception. In
White Fang, both wolves and humans regularly feast on fresh Alaskan salmon. And since it’s a dish that can be prepared on the trail, it’s a perfect entree for our menu.

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I love Jack London books SO much. He writes about gritty arctic survival with all the power and heart of someone who truly loves and understands the wilderness. I was desperate to include either White Fang or Call of the Wild as a Book of the Month this year, and since White Fang is longer, it made the cut!

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February was such a busy month! Between trips downstate, the start of Lent, and crazy weather, March managed to sneak up on me. I was editing pictures for my first March recipe when I realized I hadn’t posted the new Book of the Month hint yet. For shame!

Fear no more, for your photo hint is finally here. And judging from the view outside my window right now, it couldn’t be more seasonally appropriate. ;)


Considering Romeo and Juliet is based in Renaissance Italy, I wanted to include at least one menu item that the characters would have likely eaten in that time period. Though focaccia has seen a rise in popularity in recent years, the current form of the dish first became popular in Romeo and Juliet’s day. I love this particular recipe because the dough doesn’t need to rise, and it’s got great herbed flavor and fun texture. The star shape, of course, is a tip of the hat to Verona’s famous star-crossed lovers.

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I’ve always closely associated Valentine’s Day with books. Last week, I did a guest post for Real Life at Home explaining why. So if you’re stumped as to what to get your special reader this Valentine’s Day, you’ve come to the right place. I’m always keeping tabs on the latest literary gifts! Here are my Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Avid Readers, sure to please the bibliophile in your life:

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