Who knew classic literature could be the key to an awesome Memorial Day party? Turns out there are TONS of recipes from classic lit that are perfectly suited to any outdoor grilling menu. Here are some of our favorites:















I’ve always believed that Cloud City is hands-down the most beautiful location in all of the Star Wars movies. And maybe it’s supposed to be. Maybe the stark contrast between the heavenly views and the city’s dark underbelly act as a reminder that things aren’t always as they appear.

Luckily, these cloud-shaped cheese puffs (inspired by a recipe from BHG) have all the light, fluffy delicacy of Cloud City’s ethereal panoramas without any of the dark downsides…as long as you don’t burn them! 😉

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Nothing says “desert planet” like dry rub bbq, and since banthas are common fare on Tatooine, I figured dry rub bbq bantha steaks would be a fitting entree for our Star Wars menu. This juicy, tender grilled rib eye features a Chicago dry rub blend, guaranteed to take the monotony out of any day of moisture farming.

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 Happy May the Fourth, aka Star Wars Day! Since Star Wars is our Movie of the Month, today is the perfect day to start our new menu. Up until now, I’ve always done menus based off of classic books, but there are plenty of awesome classic movies out there too. And I think we can all agree that Star Wars is classic enough to make the cut (plus, there are loads of Star Wars books, so…loopholes!). 😉

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I make no apologies for the punny title. PUNNY TITLES FOREVER!

April was definitely a fun month for food. The Pineapple Ticking Crocodile was a particularly rewarding leap outside my culinary comfort zone. But now it’s time to say goodbye to Neverland and set our sights on somewhere even farther away…

I’ve provided the photo hint for our May menu below. NOTE: In keeping with my blogging goal for this year of including a few classic movies in our menus, this month’s menu will be based around a movie, rather than a book.

galaxy 2

Any guesses as to what our very first Movie of the Month will be, based on the picture?

If you need a final dose of Peter Pan before we head into the realm of sci-fi, swing by the book blog 101 Books to learn some Fascinating Facts about Peter! :)


P.S. We wrapped up our April menu yesterday by premiering our new Alison’s Wonderland Teas page (so feel free to order some if your teacup looks lonely).

“Would you like an adventure now,” he said casually to John, “or would you like to have your tea first?”
Wendy said “tea first” quickly, and Michael pressed her hand in gratitude, but the braver John hesitated.
“What kind of adventure?” he asked cautiously.
— Peter Pan

We’ve completed our Peter Pan menu, but since this month has an extra Thursday in it, we get to do a bonus post. Huzzah! This post also happens to be extra bonus-y because we’re announcing a new permanent page on the site. Double huzzah!

It’s hard to believe it’s been 4 whole months since I created a new book-themed tea blend for one of our menus. Fear not, tea lovers! We’ve got a new blend, this time with a Peter Pan theme: Second Star to the Right. It’s a bedtime blend composed of moonlight Earl Grey tea, vanilla, cream, and a sprinkling of lavender.

shooting star Wikipedia commons

Click here if that sounds delicious and you need some in your life RIGHT NOW!


Which leads me to my announcement: See that new tab on the menu bar, the one labeled “Alison’s Wonderland Teas from Adagio”? Now you can find all my Adagio blends right here on the blog. SO MANY HUZZAHS! Please order as many as you desire, since the proceeds from the sales help keep the lights on around here.

They make for great Mother’s Day presents too!*


* That was my attempt at a shameless product plug. Am I doing it right?

April is just about over, which means it’s time for my final post in the #ReadingMyLibrary blogging challenge. For details about the challenge, you can check out my challenge sign up post.

In my previous #ReadingMyLibrary post, I reviewed the first book in the Lockwood & Co. series, The Screaming Staircase. Today I’ll be reviewing The Whispering Skull, the second Lockwood book.

“Well,” Lockwood said, “if you judge success by the number of enemies you make, that was a highly successful evening.”

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